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Working With Me

I use a whole person approach that helps you identify what could be impacting your health and vitality. Together we explore deeper, restore balance, eradicate unwanted symptoms, and heal deficiencies while building your resilience.

Working With Me
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I work in a few ways depending on your needs, preferences and outcomes. Together with my whole person approach and powerful coaching techniques, I help you identify the root causes of your health challenges and help you choose the best options to begin resolving these.

Decide If You Are Ready For This

Healing takes time and takes commitment, accountability and patience.

If alarm bells are ringing or you are saying yes to any of the following, then it's time to schedule a clarity call with me to help you get started.

  • You are frustrated and resigned with where you are at (yet again!)
  • You are tired of starting another year with health issues, unwanted symptoms, lack of motivation, and a rollercoaster of mood fluctuations
  • You feel embarrassed about how you look and you avoid social activities or people
  • You need help desperately and ready to talk to or work with someone to help you figure out the best workable and lasting solutions
Your symptoms may include: digestive issues, brain fog, unexplained headaches, lack of clarity, anxiety, joint aches, low energy, insomnia, waking up tired or wired, or running out of steam, etc..

Choose Your Plan

To help you decide what will work best for you, I have a few options below for you to choose from.

The Resilience Plan: The perfect steps to help you unpack some of your personal or professional challenges. A typical 12-week cycle to help you reevaluate your priorities. We use this time together to delve deeper into past or existing patterns or behaviours and we look at what it requires to take responsibility and nurture what is emerging within you.
The Health Reset Plan: This option includes some of the practices in the reslience plan with added health benefits. Begin to reset your health by balancing your blood sugar, which is key for optimal energy, to stop cravings, lose weight and sleep better by calming the chaos, and to make room for much needed capacity to contemplate your next steps.
The Reinvention Plan: This is the full monty, which includes a minimum of 4 functional diagnostics tests to evaluate what is going on with your hormones, gut, microbiome, overall metabolic wellness and the impact of oxidative stress on your health. This plan can take anywhere from 3-12 months and includes a full evualtion of your personal history, interpretation of your test results with recommended and personal protocols. Re-testing of markers after 3 months to evaluate your progress, and make necessary tweaks or changes.

Choose Your Plan

How to get started

Book a free no obligations 30 minute Zoom Chemistry Call with me for a conversation that helps you get clear about where you are and what you can do to move forward and if we are a good fit.

Once we have clarity, you can choose the appropriate plan, discuss timelines, pricing and the process. Next step is to get started immediately!

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