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What You Cannot See Is Making You Really Sick!

You've heard me mention hidden stressors and I want to qualify this for you in this post. Fact is we all have stress - it's a part of life and unavoidable.

Antoinette Barnardo
Antoinette Barnardo
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What You Cannot See Is Making You Really Sick!
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We can safely conclude and define stress as good or bad

Good stress is when there is anticipation and excitement coupled with an activity or event like starting a new job or going skydiving or an imminent exciting holiday somewhere exotic.

This kind of stress makes our hearts race, dilates our pupils, and results in poor sleep because we are so excited about the upcoming event. This kind of stress is also termed Eustress and is not prolonged, and we bounce back to a balanced state when all the hype settles.

Bad stress or distress can cause malfunction and disease when not corrected or when it is prolonged. The stressor can be external (in your environment, work, financial, relationships, etc.) or internal (anxiety, fear, negative thoughts, etc). When not corrected or downgraded, this can become pervasive and cascades into other areas of your life.

Chaos ensues and the situation escalates into an acute and chronic state, sometimes lasting for years and keeping you stuck.

We define chronic stress when hormones intended for short term use are now continually produced in the body. The stress hormone cortisol is a good example of this. Short bursts of this hormone is vital for your survival. A release of adrenalin and cortisol can save your life when you are trying to escape or run from a dangerous situation.

Prolonged and continued release of cortisol and adrenaline can result in system dysregulation and manifest in chronic disease with nasty symptoms. It eventually depletes you and leaves you exhausted and unable to continue with your life.

Being "stressed out" means you are lacking control and your situation reoccurs, is often prolonged, very irritating, draining and exhausting or worse, downright dangerous.

Hans Selye's (Selye 1984) Stress Model Defines 3 Phases Of Stress:

Alarm Phase: when we start experience increased nervous system and adrenal (hormones) activity and release
Resistance/Adaptation Phase: when the brain continues to release the stress hormone cortisol
Exhaustion Phase: when we start displaying physical, mental and emotional symptoms, e.g., digestive, hormonal, nervous system, metabolic and energy imbalances and dysfunction

Bouncing back from an exhaustive phase and a chronic state of stress or disease can feel like climbing a mountain - it requires effort, intervention and it takes time and patience for the healing to begin or take hold.

Are You Aware Of Your Hidden Stressors?

These are the things you do that make you sick and you may not know it is happening or how it is harming you long term.

These May Include:

Sleep deprivation, shift work, fast food diets , yo-yo dieting, chemicals in your household products, mold, excessive or lack of exercise, extreme calorie restriction, physical injury, constant worry, anxiety or negative thoughts, drugs or medication, alcohol, caffeine or sugar consumption are all examples of hidden stressors.

Being Unaware Of Hidden Stressors May Burden You With Chronic Conditions Or Disease

These May Include:

Heartburn, bloating, excessive gas, constipation, diarrhoea, pain like achy joints, allergies, getting sick often or staying sick for longer, chronic fatigue, insomnia, exhaustion, poor memory, impatience, anger, agression, sorry or the ability to concentrate or perform tasks.

Fear Not! All Of This Can Be Resolved

I work in a few ways with clients that help them recognise and reduce their stress or hidden stressors to build resilience so they can heal.

  • I use a whole person approach, that includes using specific functional diagnostic tests that provide information and point to what could be wrong, while correlating this with your symptoms, habits, behaviours, history and patterns.
  • We gather enough historical and current information to draw insights to help us design and implement a self-care model that will begin helping you correct all the chaos.
  • We implement appropriate and tailored strategies with personalised supplement protocols to address nutritional deficiencies or eradicate nasty bugs to balance your gut flora.
  • We evaluate movement, sleep and rest schedules and implement necessary changes.
  • We turn our focus to creating new habits and behaviours that REDUCE STRESS AND STRESSORS to support your goals and aspirations and reduce your symptoms.
  • We dive DEEPER to explore what else could be hindering your progress and we focus on how to create new contexts.

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