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You Are More Resilient Than You Think

You’re more resilient than you think – you just don’t realise it yet. And as a result - right now - you suffer from physical symptoms, lack of confidence or blaming others. Either way, you don't feel good.

Antoinette Barnardo
Antoinette Barnardo
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You Are More Resilient Than You Think
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But you want to feel better, right?

Read on to learn how to unlock your inner resilience and improve your mental and physical health.

What Is Resilience Or Grit?

Ever admire how resilient others are? How they bounce back or dust themselves off and carry on when something happens to them?

They don’t have some super power, and.... there is no magic bullet either!

Resilience is a choice and you can choose to embrace it like they have.

The First Step Is To Understand How Resilience Works:

Resilience is an attitude that requires you to choose moving towards challenges and not shy away from them.
Resilience requires you to stay the course and not give up even when it gets tough.
Resilience requires you to let go of your personal feelings and take action anyway.

How? I can hear you ask.

Bear with me.

It’s one thing to understand what resilience is, but another to understand its impact on your life.

How Resilience Can Turn You From Victim To Victor

There are two ways resilience impacts your life every day – it GIVES you some things and HELPS you do others.

On the giving side, resilience gives you the ability to keep going when faced with challenges and helps you maintain a healthier sense of self.

For Example:

When you have made up your mind up about doing something like losing a few pounds, resilience does not allow anything to get in your way.

When you get real and accept what is, while you stick to your resolve, resilience enables you to achieve the goal and take it to the next level, e.g., decrease your body fat by a further 5%.

You become unstoppable and cannot be persuaded otherwise!

Choosing resilience as a way of life helps you grow up, create boundaries, and grow as a person, while learning, developing and honing the skills needed to get you what you want in life.

Most importantly, it helps you avoid victimhood, i.e., blaming others for your failings or your feelings of inadequacy.

You begin taking responsibility for your actions and appreciate that your inactions are actions too.

And so, you embrace victor-hood! 😊

How To Become More Resilient In 3 Simple Steps

A great place to start is with three activities:

1. Adopt a daily mindfulness practice that allows you to connect to what is most important to you.
2. Make an effort to slow down and soften - let it happen instead of trying so hard to make it happen. Get out of the way.
3. Take the appropriate and necessary action and ignore everything else that may distract you, especially your own thoughts or excuses.

Want Help Becoming More Resilient?

You don’t have to figure it all out all on your own.

As a coach, I can help you uncover your resilient self, give you tools that help you slow down and soften, so you have the energy and capacity to go get what is most important to you and keep going when the going gets tough! 😊

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